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Jason's Background in Winery Wastewater

"My primary interest in both the wine and wastewater industries is the marriage of the two worlds. I am passionate about the maintenance and management of all operations, troubleshooting obstacles and implementing solutions to create a smooth and streamlined process for all.

My most recent employment before starting my business was as the Winery Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations (WWTP) Manager with Specialty Treatment Solutions (STS, and previously Lyve Systems). In my tenure, I became the only employee in the United States at the onset of the pandemic, responsible for over 20 WWTPs. Some of my tasks included management, operations, preventative maintenance (PM), installations, electrical and mechanical repairs, lab sampling/testing, vendor coordination, purchasing, plumbing, welding, and client communications. I have developed a vast network of colleagues, because of the rapport I built with winery clients and vendors, improvements I made to their WWTPs, and in large part because of my availability, reliability, communication, and collaboration.

Prior to STS/Lyve, I was employed with Coca-Cola as a WWTP Operator for three years, working 12-hour night shifts as the sole operator on duty. I performed maintenance, compliance requirements, and coordinated with management for larger projects. I ran daily analysis including COD, TSS, VSS, Alkalinity, Phosphorus, Volitile Acids, H2S, DO, pH, and Ammonia.


My entry in wastewater treatment began at Free Flow Wines, where I was the Production Specialist in the winery laboratory and cellar. A few weeks into my employment I was entrusted with the additional responsibility of managing their zero-discharge wastewater treatment system. Because of my success in the WWTPs maintenance, I was asked to develop SOPs, implement new techniques, and coordinate upgrades utilizing ISO 9001 guidelines. I also worked with the ISO team to develop SOPs and PMs for the lab and lab-related cellar practices and helped repair the kegging lines. Upon my departure, to cover all of the responsibilities I was managing in my role, they hired three people: an employee for the lab, an employee for the WWTP, and another employee to take care of my cellar responsibilities.

While attending Napa Valley College, I spent time in the cellars at Groth Winery (including bottling line maintenance), Franciscan Winery as a Lab Intern, the tasting room at Napa Wine Company, and at O'Shaughnessy Winery as a Harvest Intern. 

I have over twenty years of professional experience in other fields, ranging from architectural design and residential construction, to investments and finance, all of which have contributed greatly to my success in understanding winery wastewater management. I like to get my hands dirty, I love working with people who are equally passionate about what they do, and I enjoy collaborating on the in-depth management and problem-solving techniques required in maintaining a luxury winery." 

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