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Jason Officer

Jason started his winery wastewater consultancy in January 2022 after several years with other wastewater companies. He currently operates and manages over a dozen wastewater facilities at wineries and hotels all over Napa Valley. Jason has developed a reputation for being an efficient, reliable, communicative, and valued partner for many winery operations teams.

Jason grew up in Southern California, and has been woodworker for over 30 years, a passion and tradition passed on by his father and both grandfathers. He took woodworking classes and focused on architectural design in high school and college, following those passions for many years. ​Jason moved to Napa in 2011 where he discovered a new passion for wine, and earned his degrees in winemaking and wine marketing from Napa Valley College. He's worked at wineries all over the valley, as part of harvest and cellar crews, and eventually lab technician. ​His father was in the water regulation industry, and Jason never imagined he'd follow in his father's professional footsteps. But when he was hired as a Production Specialist, working in the lab and cellar at Free Flow Wines, he was also tasked with the responsibility of managing their wastewater treatment plant----that experience was the catalyst to launching his career in winery wastewater.  He earned his certificate as a Level 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator through the California Water Environment Association in 2016, and has since earned certificates as a Laboratory Analyst and Environmental Compliance Inspector.​


Officer Wines began in earnest in 2013, when Jason was fortuitous to be given the opportunity to create his own proprietary Bordeaux-style blend while working at Franciscan Estate Winery. In 2014 he began producing a single-vineyard merlot in his home wine studio (*ahem*garage*ahem*). In 2016, for the first time, Jason began making rosé and port from the merlot, as well as a single-vineyard zinfandel. In 2018, Jason begin to focus primarily on the single-vineyard zinfandel and and produced his best--and largest vintage to date, at over 30 cases. 2019 and 2020 were smaller harvests, as his full-time work as a winery wastewater operator took most of his attention, along with the birth of his children, Nolan, in 2018, and Opal, in 2020.​

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